Beyond the Pandemic - TGEW (Taiwan Gender Equality Week)

Although COVID-19 has had a widespread impact across the globe, it does not affect everyone in the same way. Data from many countries show that because women were more likely to be employed in part-time jobs before the pandemic, or concentrated in the retail, tourism, and hospitality sectors, they would suffer a greater economic impact under the lockdown and pandemic prevention measures. Moreover, due to the long-term gender wage gap and the fact that women are more likely to engage in unpaid domestic and care work, they have less savings to face the economic risks of the pandemic.

We look forward to using this interactive program to show users the complex and interrelated challenges that women may face during the pandemic, such as economic losses, lack of social well-being, and physical and mental health issues. Through #beyondthepandemic, we strive to gather everyone’s thoughts and raise the public’s awareness of these issues, changing our ingrained thought patterns, habits, and working styles together so that all of us (both men and women) can stick together to survive this crisis.